Onward and Upward in 2020

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It was Plato who said:  “Necessity is the mother of invention.”   It was H. G. Wells who said “Adapt or perish.” Me?  C. S. Lewis said  “Onward and upward!”  Here’s how Sharpo!® plans to survive and thrive with the changes to the gig economy in 2020.

California AB 5 (Gig Economy Bill)  has been signed into law.  In the 30 plus years  that I have been entertaining at parties and events, performers in California have been treated as independent contractors.   Most event and party performers I know loved this arrangement. BUT this new law changes everything for freelancers who just  want a “gig”.    Me?   I am a business owner so it remains super easy for clients to contract with my company.   I pass the ABC test with flying colors.    What I am not is  a “hiring entity.”  I don’t employ “workers. ”  The costs would be pohibitive.

My solution?   Sharpo.com

I have created a fantastic one person mystery and magic show  for parties and  it  is a smash hit!  I have developed it over the course of many years and countless performances.   I know that  you may picture in your mind  a troupe for your murder mystery party.  Let me tell you why I believe my Sharpo!® One Person Murder Mystery & Magic Show is the best choice for your event.

In addition to  the  commitment and personal attention  I give to  making my clients’ events the best they can be, and my proven thirty year track record, and my rave reviews…

1. My Murder Mystery & Magic Show includes my incredible close up and parlor magic!  The perfect ice breaker during cocktails and mingling. I don’t think that my ‘ competitors’  can say the same.

2.  My Murder Mystery & Magic Show is super interactive.  Over the years I discovered I can give most of the “bit parts” to audience members and party guests which makes the program so much more interactive and so much more fun for everyone – and – there are no scripts to learn or lines to memorize…I utilize audience members for memorable moments improvisationally through the course of the program.

3.  My events are  priced much more reasonably and affordably.    Less performers means lower production costs!

4. You get me personally at the show! Since I can only book one event per time frame my appearance is more rare, more special and more valuable. I don’t think my competitors can say the same. Those  generic murder mystery companies book as many events as they can for the same time frame and staff the events with far less experienced players.

5.  My show reduces risk and liability!  Those very talented but far  less experienced players who are working for my competitors are likely being paid very little for their time and performances and may in fact  be in violation of the new California labor laws . Sure – their business model frees up the time for marketing and many of these companies are very very good at that.  But “Sell the sizzle and not the steak?” I think you deserve better than that.  You deserve the best and that is why I’m here.

6  Big casts are superfluous!  People have long associated  murder mystery shows with theater troupes.   I always get a chuckle when I hear that other companies promise to send four, five, six or even more players for a murder mystery event.  Fact:  In my many years of experience, I have discovered that most of these other players, no matter how talented, are severely underutilized in these situations.  Most events actually only need one really great head-liner  -the life of the party guy, who can raise the roof and make your party the event of the year!

7. No Shlock!   The cliched  “Murder Mystery Acting Troupe” with several costumed characters doing over the top performances with phony Brittish accents or New York Gangster dialects  is thankfully a thing of the past. I can tell you with certainty: Most audiences today don’t want that shlock. They want to be actively engaged and participate in an exciting and rare  shared experience that will invoke cherished memories for years to come.   Likewise the idea of hiring several actors to come to your party with some of them “blending in” to the audience is a strange notion.  Some of my competitors in the mystery business actually boast that they do this.  For the life of me I can’t understand why you would want to hire professional actors to come and essentially do… nothing?  Your party is chock full of suspects.  You don’t need audience “ringers” if you have Sharpo!®


I am a sole proprietor, operating a small business in Los Angeles, California.  Current FBN?  Check.  I am DBA “Sharpo Entertainment Productions.”  Business Checking Account ?  Check.   EIN?  Check.  City of L.A. Tax Registration Certificate? Check. General Liability Insurance? Check.    Brand Trademark?  Check.  “Sharpo!®” is a registrered Trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Registration #  3900527.  Check, Check, Check.     All my ducks are in a row.

When you make your buying decision on what entertainment to choose for your party I hope you will consider these important factors and then remember that CSI Means “Call Sharpo In.”

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