Magic is A Sweet Deception

This is the audio introduction to my Sharpo!® Stage Magic act:
Magic is a sweet deception. Comedy is the ugly truth. I offer both. I use cons and deceptions to illustrate the truth. That there is always more than meets the eye. Sure I am deceiving you… but I am honest about it!

The greatest effect in all of magic is in how it transforms adults into kids again. It reminds us of the joy, mystery and wonder that is everywhere around us and that anything is possible.

The human mind contains the most powerful magic in all of creation. We conceive, believe and achieve whatever we fix our mind to manifest.

Transformation begins with Imagination.

Open your mind to the possibilities.
And remind yourself that “what I speak -I create!”

Pencil Shrine
Sharpo!® Onstage at the Shrine Auditorium 
Then the announcer says:  “Put your hands together for…Sharpo!®” and then we begin.   I love magic and I love to share my magic with everyone.

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